The 6 Rules for Strength Training

  1. Checking the prerequisites:

Before you start body building/workout, you should check with your orthopaedist or sports physician to check for possible damages. They can also occur in the age of children or Adolescence.


  1. Keep the right posture:

Whatever you do, you should do with body tension. An unclean technique can lead to problems in the long term. Exercise always concentrated: the higher the effort, the more the technique and the attention.


3.Exercise regularly:

Our body is very adaptable: if we challenge it through training, it also adapts to it. After that, it is more powerful than before. The optimum is three to five training units per week with a duration of 20 to 30 minutes.


  1. Warm up is important:

No training, whether strength or endurance, should start without warm-up phase. In the cold, unmoving state, the muscles are not only less powerful, but also vulnerable to injuries along with ligaments and joints. A 10-minute warm-up is therefore obligatory.


  1. Not only strengthen

Individual muscle groups: With abdominal exercises, E.g. the body centerdoes not get flat. If you want to lose weight: Only the right combination of perpetual training, full body strength training (mainly large muscle groups) and conscious nutrition leads to the desired goal in the long term.


  1. One can rest assuredly:

The strength grows only when the body is challenged. You sweat, come out of breath, the muscles burn. If the body feels nothing or only a little, the training is most likely without effect. Even muscle soreness is nothing bad, but a further sign that the training excitement was strong enough. However, you should not constantly provoke it because it can weaken the body in the long run.

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