The Top 5 of the Best Muscle Building Exercises

  1. Muscle: Quadriceps - Exercise: Squats

Below the line, knee bends are the king exercise par excellence. Because no other one of the muscle building exercises require more attention, no other exercise is so effective, no other exercise builds more muscle mass throughout the body, and no other exercise has more muscle involved than this.


  1. Muscle: Leg biceps - Exercise: Leg press

In order to isolate the muscle or to completely treat it, I consider the principles of the best exercise. Alternatively, you can make cross-raising with straight legs. Likewise, knee bends or normal cross-lifting require leg biceps.


  1. Muscle: Calves - Exercise: Calf standing

So I prefer the standing version of the calf lift. For the calves are not pre-stretched. For example, when sitting in a chair, they are. In addition, the exercise is versatile. It is an absolute basic exercise for the calves, which at the same time claimed also the entire upper body and the thighs as supporting parties.


  1. Muscle: Chest - Exercise: Bench Press

In none of the other muscle building exercises, I notice the direct strain on the chest, as with this one. In addition to the chest muscles, the shoulders and the triceps are also involved in this exercise. Also, the back and the biceps, as well as the belly is supporting muscles, which are addressed indirectly with the bench press.


  1. Muscle: Shoulders - Exercise: Shoulder Pressures

My first choice for the shoulders: Shoulder pressing in front of the head with the barbell.But from the shoulder-presses behind my head, I advise you. Since the transverse load on the shoulder joint is very large. Basically, the shoulder joint is a ball joint. And is held only by tendons, ligaments as well as muscles in its form. Therefore, it is extremely vulnerable to injury.

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